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13 Sep 07

Just finished watching Brad Bird’s short film, Family Dog (it’s on YouTube). It was an episode of the old anthology TV series Amazing Stories, if you remember that. Fascinating. It’s a solid story, very funny in parts, and drawn in a very modern, minimalist style. What’s most remarkable is that it isn’t amazingly brilliant. And […]

11 Sep 07

A variety of thoughts: The most common subject in self-improvement is fear. It seems that most people don’t improve themselves because they fear, oh, all sorts of things. I’ve been reading the Shortpacked! retrospective on Roomies/It’s Walky/Shortpacked. I was struck by the juxtaposition of drama and humor. The artist has pointed out that he has […]

10 Sep 07

I’m beginning to really appreciate daily rhythm. One’s energy spikes and dips throughout the day. For those of us with daily responsibilities, we can observe that rhythm and plan for it. For example, I get tired when I get home. My creative juices are low. So I watch some anime. Not much; just two or […]

8 Sep 07

Sorry for the lack of updates. Work has been stressing me out. Which is odd. I don’t like the word “stress,” as it has little meaning. It’s like saying that work is “painful.” Well, painful how? Stress is just pressure. What kind of pressure? I’ve involved myself in a data migration project. It’s complicated. It’s […]

5 Sep 07

After listening to Wil Wheaton‘s PAX keynote about computer games, I thought about art. In the past decade or so, two mediums have shifted in the public consciousness from cheap pulp entertainment into potentailly legitimate art form: comics and video games. So, I wonder, what’s the next medium to transition into Art? Some possibilities: Fanfiction […]

4 Sep 07

It’s really incredibly important to my creative juices that I have all my projects in list form. I accomplish a lot when I can refer to them at any time.

3 Sep 07

Accomplished less than I’d hoped, but plenty today. Lack of progress is due primarily to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which I “took a break” to read, then paused when my stomach told me I was very late for dinner, four hundred pages later. In reading it, I’ve identified four primary dimensions of fiction […]

2 Sep 07

A bit of a wash this morning, but I refuse to let it keep me down. I awoke late and lazed around in bed all morning, then drove straight to my parents’ house to go to lunch and traverse a nearby garden with them. Had a grand time. Then, home for an hour so I […]

1 Sep 07

I realized several years ago that, despite living near Washington, D.C. all my life, I hadn’t been to the museums in over a decade. It’s a common malady: you don’t experience the things that are close, because they’re close. They’re mundane. You keep telling yourself, “Oh, I can do that any time.” So, every year […]

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